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The only platform with technology focused career growth frameworks designed to help you implement best practice, retain key staff and drive engagement


Make the most of performance data

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Uncover skill gaps

Understand where to invest in learning and development to get the most from your software teams.

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Track changes over time

Quickly and easily update performance review data, without it needing to be an annual formal event. Use the data to enhance 1:1s.

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Advanced charts

Use skill mapping to identify ways to develop and build new teams.


Skill Reports

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Career Growth Plans

Career growth is one of the strongest levers managers have for staff engagement.
Easily identify and build career growth plans for your entire team.

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Skill Maps

Use skill maps to identify your team composition, identify training opportunities and inform your hiring and promotion plans.

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Build Inclusive Practices

Find new engineering practices than can lead to greater innovation and performance

Easy to Use

Quick & easy to use

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Instant Access

No need for integrations and complex onboarding.
Sign up, login and get started.

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Share Updates Easily

Share achievements and updates quickly and as they happen.
Help everyone to measure their skills and development.

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Living Documents

Performance review data is often old and collected in a rush.
Adding achievements as you go means performance reviews aren't a headache.

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