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Frequently Asked Questions

What does Kaleida do?

Kaleida's career growth platform helps modern and dynamic companies bring out the best in their employees. By helping ensure career progression and performance reviews are tech specific, we help you to build company culture, encourages collaboration and engagement among your software engineers.

How secure is Kaleida?

The team at Kaleida take data security seriously. We put security measures and maintain policies and procedures to comply with required data security standards and continue to take all the necessary measures to improve our information security level.

How do I get started with Kaleida?

It’s easy to get onboarded with Kaileida. It is a 'plug and play' system. No integrations required.
A short onboarding session with your engineering teams and you're ready to go.

How much does Kaleida cost?

Less than the cost of replacing one technologist!
For details of pricing, get in touch so we can ensure we provide a quote that works for you.