Attrition - What is it costing you?

Attrition isn't just about losing valuable team members; it also translates to real dollars lost within a business. When employees leave, there are direct costs associated with recruitment, onboarding, and training replacements. Moreover, there are indirect costs such as decreased productivity, disrupted team dynamics, and potential impacts on customer satisfaction. By understanding and addressing attrition effectively, businesses can mitigate these financial losses and foster a more stable and productive workforce.

Calculate what attrition is costing you

The attrition rate is a metric that tracks the number of employees leaving your organisation within a specific timeframe. It's essential because it gives you a solid gauge of your retention efforts and offers insights into the overall employee experience in your workplace.

This calculates only direct costs related to recruitment and onboarding for generalist skills.
Costs could be hire for more senior roles and specialist skills.
This calculation does not include any indirect costs loss of expertise or knowledge or delivery velocity reduction due to team cohesion or disruptions.

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