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Kaleida is dedicated to supporting your growth and accelerating your delivery of business value. We are experts in Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) initiatives, and scaling engineering teams for success. Let us help you put in place the frameworks for success so you can focus on your core value adds.


Diversify your hiring pipeline

Improve the talent that you attract, hire and retain
  • Review your current hiring practices
  • Develop a brand awareness and attraction strategy
  • Embed an objective hiring and interview scorcard process

Upskill Engineering Managers

Great engineering teams have great leaders, great leaders continuously up skill
  • Gain industry best practice knowledge for engineering leadership
  • Build out your feedback muscle
  • Understand productivity, progress and prioritisation

Women in Tech ERG Success

Ensure your Women in Tech (WiT) Employee Resource Group is effective
  • Develop strategic alignment
  • Run skill and confidence improving events
  • ERG metrics reporting

Upcoming Workshops

Accelerate your Career

Feeling invisible at work? Ready to level up your career?
  • Build a career map
  • Develop a skills chart
  • Set goals to move forward
  • Monthly accountability check ins


Our executive team are seasoned public speakers
  • Experienced moderators for deeply technical panels
  • Technical career pathways
  • Serverless Infrastructure

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