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Kaleida is the only technology-specific career growth platform for building diverse and inclusive teams. Attract, develop and retain great engineering talent to drive innovation and performance.

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A diverse team of software engineers consisting of two men and a woman having a deep discussion over their laptop.SaaS Browsers - Saasplex X Webflow Template
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Benchmark your engineering talent

Accurately and consistently level team members against industry benchmarks. Identify and address skill gaps.

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Become a tech talent magnet

With clear pathways for growth and progression you can attract and retain top tech talent.

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Level-up your tech workforce

Uplift the capabilities of engineering leaders and teams.

Customise and define the skills important to your organisation.

Kaleida's career growth frameworks are based on industry best practice and especially designed for developers.

  • Customisable
  • Holistic skills for well-rounded, high-functioning teams
  • Crafted by experienced technology leaders
Different skills in coloured panels, including "coding", "devops", "testing", "coaching", 'agile", 'security", "delivery", "craft" and so on.

Assess team-wide strengths and gaps for L&D and workforce planning

Automated team dashboards provide dynamic, real-time perspective on the strengths and growth areas across the team. Strategic workforce planning for your tech teams has never been easier.

  • Understand the unique skills composition of teams at a glance
  • Manage your existing talent pool more efficiently
  • Identify gaps across the teams for hiring and L&D planning.
Platform interface showing the strengths and level of each team member against the 10 skills of the skills assessment frameworkSpider graph showing current and potential skill distribution of team - agile, building, coaching, communication, community, craft, devops, recruiting, security, wellbeing

Leverage DEI insights to take action

Assess the gender balance of your tech teams and use insights as a powerful tool to achieve your organisation's DEI goals.

  • View the composition, seniority and impact of your tech teams through a DEI lens.
  • See how your organisation measures up to industry averages.
  • Proactively identify problem areas and plan for intervention.
Bar graph showing team gender impact score that is higher compared to industry average

Empower your teams with clear developmental pathways

The best and brightest want to know how they can grow at your organisation.

  • Provide clarity to your teams on performance expectations and progression pathways
  • Empower managers to be effective leaders
  • Boost team performance by identifying and rewarding behaviours that contribute to success.
Bar graph chart showing 10 software engineering skills measure by level of contribution on a y-axis from 0 to 4.
Trusted by forward thinking companies

"Kaleida is a key partner for Littlepay.

The platform fits seamlessly into our current processes and provides both the staff members and their managers with rich data to guide assessments and subsequent planning.

We are now empowered to more accurately influence our promotion processes and take action on blindspots we may have missed within our overall DEI strategies.”

"We evaluated career levels and frameworks from large tech companies, but they felt like overkill for our team's size and scope.

Then we found Kaleida. It was a breath of fresh air with its user friendly platform.

It gave our team a transparent view of their skills, highlighted areas for improvement, and outlined clear progression pathways...with Kaleida, performance reviews have become a rewarding process."

Diverse and inclusive teams are more innovative

Icon of a beaker representing research and innovation
1.7x more likely to be innovation leaders
Icon of two stacks of coins representing revenue and profit
25% more likely to generate higher profits
Icon of a shopping cart symbolising new markets and commerce
70% more likely to capture new markets

Kaleida helps you codify diversity and inclusion in your tech teams.

Icon of weighing scales perfectly balanced, symbolising the elimination fo bias
Eliminate systemic bias
Icon of 4 individuals connected with lines, symboling inclusion and belonging
Promote inclusion and belonging
Icon of a pie chart symbolising the use of data for positive change.
Use data to drive positive change

Are you ready to start taking meaningful steps towards diversity?

Kaleida is built by Developers, for Developers

Your technology teams build the products that give your business a competitive advantage. Kaleida understands the environments that motivate and engage developers.

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