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Diverse teams are
high-performing teams

Diverse teams are more innovative, creative and resilient.
Career growth frameworks that build diverse and inclusive workforces are:

  • consistent
  • based on evidence and data
  • codify inclusive behaviours that are vital for success.

This benefits everyone - not just historically underrepresented groups.

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Two female software engineers and a male software engineer leaning against a pillar holding a laptop and having a lively conversation.

Diverse teams don't happen by accident.
Codify inclusion and belonging in your tech workforce.

A diverse software engineering team huddled around a computer discussing a project while their manager looks on from the side.Bar graph showing team gender impact score that is higher compared to industry average
Eliminate bias

Eliminate systemic bias

To truly eliminate systemic bias, change must be made at the organisational level.

Kaleida enables managers to evaluate teams in a consistent and data-driven way. Eliminate bias and guesswork from performance evaluation across your engineering org.

Promote inclusion

Promote inclusion and belonging

Every individual deserves to feel safe and included at work.

Kaleida places equal weighting on technical and interpersonal skills. Crucial, yet traditionally overlooked behaviours that build safety and belonging tend to be disproportionately performed by women.

The behaviours that foster teamwork and belonging can now be explicitly recognised and rewarded in all individuals, regardless of gender.

Software engineers gathered outdoors in good weather and working together in pairs and having a lively discussion.
A pictogram chart showing the breakdown of a team's size by seniority and by gender for female, male, non-binary and undisclosed members.A pie chart showing the gender breakdown of a team by gender - male, female and non-binary
Data for change

Use data to drive positive change

Kaleida's team dashboards empower you with clear visibility into the impact of your Diversity, Equity and Inclusion efforts. Identify areas where you excel and where you need to invest more.

Measure and track progress and align your DEI initiatives, workforce planning and business goals.

Are you ready to take meaningful
steps towards diversity?
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"Kaleida is a key partner for Littlepay.

The platform fits seamlessly into our current processes and provides both the staff members and their managers with rich data to guide assessments and subsequent planning.

We are now empowered to more accurately influence our promotion processes and take action on blindspots we may have missed within our overall DEI strategies.”