Free 2024 Career Planning Toolkit by Kaleida

Get your free set of downloadable worksheets to plan your career growth in 2024.

Free 2024 Career Planning Toolkit by Kaleida

2023 was quite the ride, wasn't it? It was a year with major, groundbreaking geopolitical events. We witnessed AI technology making huge strides and becoming an increasing part of our everyday lives. It was also a challenging year for the global economy, with layoffs continuing throughout many industries. Inflation and the rising cost of living continue to be on everyone’s minds.

But 2024 is an opportunity for a fresh start. This might be the year you’re aiming for a promotion into a senior role. Or you may be new to your role and are thinking of deepening your expertise and levelling up your skills. Whatever the case may be, let's start this year with a sense of purposeful reflection and strategy. 

To help this task, Kaleida is offering a set of free downloadable worksheets. This is your structured toolkit to envision, plan and achieve your 2024 career goals.

Why plan your career?

Planning is the first important step in laying the groundwork for career success. As the author Antoine de Saint-Exupéry famously said, “A goal without a plan is just a wish.” Use these worksheets to gain clarity, focus your efforts, and maintain momentum throughout the year. 

Download your personal toolkit for career planning

Kaleida 2024 Career Planning Toolkit - Set of 10 Worksheet

We offer our worksheets in two formats. Pick which option you prefer!

  1. Print version: If you prefer brainstorming with pen and paper.
  2. Digital (fillable) version: If you do all your thinking and scribing virtually!

To ensure you get the most out of these worksheets, we recommend using a dedicated PDF program like Adobe Reader, which is free to download and use. Some browser-based PDF viewers may not reliably support the fillable form function. 

(If you use a browser-based PDF viewer, we recommend using Chrome or Firefox, as there are known issues with Microsoft Edge.)

What’s in the career planning toolkit?

What’s in your Kaleida Career Planning Toolkit? Here’s a sneak preview:

A screenshot of a 2023 Year in Review worksheet that is part of the Kaleida planning pack. Fields within the worksheet include "what was awesome? What was chalellenging?" "My biggest achievements", "projects I helped deliver" and "skills I developed"
An example of one of the worksheets in the pack, "2023 Year in Review."
  • 2023 Year in Review: Use this worksheet to reflect on the achievements and challenges of the past year. You'll gain valuable insights for future success.
  • 2024 Goals Overview: Brainstorm your high-level goals for the year with this worksheet.
An example of a worksheet in the Kaleida Career Planning kit. This is a detailed goal-setting sheet that lets you set specific and measurable actions along with a due date for each goal you wish to focus on.
An example of one of the worksheets in the pack, "2024 Detailed Goal-setting".
  • 2024 Detailed Goal Setting: Each goal needs a plan. Break down your objectives into actionable steps to set yourself up for success.
  • 2024 Skill Development: Do an inventory of your existing skillset and identify the growth areas for your career progression. 
  • Networking Goals: Networking isn't just about collecting contacts. It's about building relationships that matter. Plan your networking journey with purpose.
  • Seeking a Mentor & Becoming a Mentor: These worksheets help you explore some goals around being a mentor or mentee.
A sample of a worksheet in the Kaleida Career Planning kit. This sheet provides fields for users to fill in resources such as in-person courses, industry news sources, podcasts and webinars, and so on.
An example of one of the worksheets in the pack, "Career Resources".
  • Career Resources: From online courses to industry news, list helpful resources that will keep you up-to-date in the fast-paced world of software engineering.
  • Career Resource Engagement Plan: Don't just collect resources; actively engage with them. This worksheet helps you create a practical plan for consistent learning.

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